Club Sandwich meets Dukebergh’s Wieß

All beginnings are difficult, they say. That’s why I didn’t make it unnecessarily complicated for myself at the start. For my first pairing, I combined a New York Club Sandwich with a Wieß from Dukebergh’s in Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne. The Wieß is the naturally cloudy predecessor of the Kölsch. The Club Sandwich usually comes across as a rather light dish, and the likewise rather mild Wieß with its subtle citrus and herbal notes goes well with it. I prepared the sandwich classically with toast, chicken breast fillet, lettuce, heart tomato, eggs and mayonnaise; and upgraded it with some avocado, breakfast bacon and pickles. Finally, the natural turbidity of the Wieß brings much more flavour intensity than one is used to from a Kölsch. I liked the restrained citrus-herbal freshness with which the beer complemented the Club Sandwich. Conclusion: The balance between beer and food was right; absolutely okay for my first try. This is something to build on. Have you ever deliberately paired a club sandwich with a particular beer? Feel free to share your experiences with me.

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