With simple beer-food pairings, I would like to awaken your curiosity about bringing good beer and good food together and experiencing them consciously.

Sebastian Kaiser, Homebrewer & Beer sommelier

My heart beats for artisan creative beers; and for good food. So it makes sense to combine the two. With the blog Beer & Food Pairing, I want to show how enriching it can be to bring good beer and good food together. At eye level. When choosing my pairings, I follow the basic rules from the literature, but I also experiment. I do not aim for universal perfection; trial and error is expressly permitted. I also believe that taste experiences vary greatly from person to person. What matters to me: I want to awaken your curiosity to try out Beer & Food Pairings for yourself and to experience them consciously. Not only wine enhances a good meal; high-quality beer is in no way inferior to it. The guiding principle for me is: Keep it simple! My pairings should be down-to-earth and simple. And they may not always go together 100 per cent; then I learned something again. You don’t have to google the ingredients first. In this way, I want to reach and inspire as many people as possible. Cheers & Bon appétit!

About the author
Sebastian Kaiser, born in 1980, lives with his wife and two children in Bergisch Gladbach. Having grown up in Odenthal, he studied German, Romance languages and literature and history at the University of Cologne after graduating from high school and earned his doctorate in linguistics. Sebastian then worked in communications at Evonik Industries AG and in various agencies and consultancies. Today he works in communications for the HDI/Talanx Group in Cologne. As a hobby brewer, the certified Kiesbye beer sommelier founded the craft beer brand Dukebergh’s together with Björn Thoms in 2018. Together with craft beer pioneer Fritz Wülfing from Ale-Mania Bonn, he runs the blog Philosophy of Beer.